Village Draw

The Village Draw has a monthly prize of £100

Winning numbers:


November winning number is 123

January 60, February 94, March 72, April 18, May 96, June 20, July 48, August 95, September 61, October 48


July 58, August 93, September 78, October 78, November 18, December 63

You need to be in it to win it

To join the draw you need to be over 18 and contribute £5 per month.

The funds raised contribute to the running costs of the Information Centre and the Village Beautiful project, especially the planting up of the baskets that are displayed in the village each year.

To be in with a chance to win call into the centre for an application pack or email us at: and we will send you the forms.

We are hoping to have an option to download forms shortly.

Both the Information Centre and the Village Beautiful project are manned entirely by volunteers.  If you have a few hours to spare why not try being a volunteer.  If you like meeting residents and visitors why not drop into the Information Centre  and see if that’s for you.  If you prefer gardening you might like to help with the planting of hanging baskets carried out in the Association’s poly tunnel at Hazlett House.  You can contact us via the contacts page, the email address above, at the Information Centre or by calling

028 7084 9303