Castlerock is classified as a village by the NI Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) (i.e. with population between 1,000 and 2,250 people).

The 2011 census shows a broad range of ages in the Village.  There are now over 3,000 people living in the village, double of the population of the 2001 census.


On Census day (29 April 2001) there were 1,326 people living in Castlerock. Of these:

  • 2% were aged under 16 and 22.3% were aged 60 and over
  • 6% of the population were male and 53.4% were female
  • 5% were from aCatholic background and 82.3% were from a Protestant background
  • 4% of people aged 16–74 were unemployed.