2018 Photo Competion

Castlerock Community Association has run a very successful Photo Competition since 2013. Photographs must be of Castlerock and the surrounding area, and for adults there are several subject categories. Younger entrants can choose any local subject they like, This year the standard of entries was again very high. The winning photographs are on display in the Castlerock Community Association in the village for the next month.

Since 2013 we have had two local sponsors: Boots the Chemists provides some prizes and Snappy Snaps prints our winning photos without charge. Members of our local community provide other support.

This year’s overall winner is Alan Johnston for Downhill Castle, other winners are Brian Robinson, Pauline Moore and Wesley McCracken.

August 2018

Alan Johnston – Overall Winner “Downhill Castle”AJ Downhill Castle Overall

Pauline Moore – Nature and Wildlife “Boating at the Barmouth”PM Boating at the Barmouth

Brian Robinson – Interesting Places “Steam Train under MussendenBR Steam Train under Mussenden

Brian Robinson – Life in Castlerock “The Last Steam Train”BR The last Steam TrainJPG

Wesley McCracken – Seascape and Landscape “Shades of Blue”WMc Shades of Blue